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This is an attempt to make SSAS BISM Tabular Model (and DAX query language) accessible through a simple linq interface in .Net languages.

In the last two years we in Dealogic used SSAS Tabular in our projects and felt the need to create a simple and idiomatic way to query tabular from C#/F#. The linq IQueryProvider is one of our attempts to achieve this goal.

Dealogic was kind to let us to open source this library and invite the community to help us to achieve more.

The implementation owes a great deal to the tutorial series of Matt Warren.

About our primary decisions see: Design Decisions.

Examples of queries and basic usage is explained on the following page:
Supported Queries.

Examples from our attempt to translate DAX idioms from see Dax Patterns page

How mapping is solved is described here:

Have fun!

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